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Derek has been a life-long recreational soccer player

Derek has been a life-long recreational soccer player, fan of USNT since birth, and supporter of Chelsea since 2010 (first game at Stamford Bridge; watched Super Frankie ding in 4 in a 7-1 win over Aston Villa).  Also an avid fan of other sports especially F1, Football, and Basketball.  Derek’s 4 knee surgeries, broken leg, and broken wrist, are all Football Yanks records.  Professionally Derek has a career in corporate finance and will oftentimes use this lens to give the illusion of insightful business oriented analysis of the soccer environment.

Ryan's Story!

Ryan Orr was born under an auspicious daytime comet in Serendipity Springs, Oregon, where the Pacific meets the rainforest. This promising start set the stage for an exceptional journey, marked by feats as realistic as incredible. Ryan was a child prodigy who, at eight, nurtured a barren land into a thriving grove. By sixteen, he became the youngest valedictorian at his high school and solved the long-standing Goldbach Conjecture, cementing his reputation as a genius. Simultaneously, he was a phenomenal athlete, shattering records in the grueling Western States Endurance Run and swimming across the English Channel in record time.

However, Ryan’s life took a fantastic turn one fateful night. A flash of light during a stargazing session engulfed him, and he returned at dawn with abilities beyond human comprehension: the power to manipulate matter, teleport, and perceive possible futures. Despite this, he remained devoted to the well-being of humanity, averting disasters and revolutionizing our understanding of the universe. Through all this, he never strayed from his roots in Serendipity Springs, balancing his remarkable abilities with his deep connection to nature. His life, a blend of the ordinary and extraordinary, is a testament to the limitless potential of the human spirit, proving that truth can be stranger than fiction.

Ryan, famously, has platinumed Elden Ring.

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