EPL Matchday 15 and 16

Another Gutless Performance from the Gunners

Given an annual payroll advantage of 193M€ to 27M€, one might expect over 2 shots on target in 90+ minutes of play. There’s a real problem here beyond Kai Havertz trying to juggle a soccer ball into the goal with his hands. In particular, Jesus is only scoring against inferior competition and, much like Martinelli, is not doing anything to help in moments of meaningful consequence. I am not sure what Arteta intends with his constant pouting about the refs, but it is not endearing him to the fans, and it seems like his energy would be better focused on the problems with the club’s recent performances.

Man City Doesn’t Have Enough Depth

A contrarre says Oscar Bobb and (checks notes) Kalvin Phillips, in their riveting 3-2 defeat of Serbian mega club Red Star Belgrade. With injuries piling up and Haaland sidelined for the foreseeable future (with even his Dad ditching him in Fantasy Soccer)… this is a team that needs to make a splash in January to be taken seriously.

AC Milan Goal Scorers are Not Who We Thought They Were

Not sure if I am referring to the alternatives or some existential crisis of self for Leao and Pulisic, but 2 goals between them in their prior 8 is not the output anyone was expecting from this tandem. Both look dangerous (I guess pinging stuff off the post counts), and Pulisic, in particular, continues to generate scoring chances reliably. Still, given their defense’s weaknesses, it feels like this team will only go as far as Pulisic and Leao’s scoring can take them.  Recently, not much. On the opposite side, Wednesday was an absolute stroke by Joelinton to start the scoring for Newcastle. https://www.thescore.com/news/2793025/related

Meme of the Week

No meme, just Group A

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