EPL Week 11: Chelsea Beats the Bricks off Spurs

What position does Harry play?

On one hand, we can appreciate that even a coach as utterly fucking clueless (in every regard) as Eric Ten Hag has realized that other than Hojland and Bruno their attack is complete garbage, but is having Maguire wandering the pitch as the target striker in the box really the best plan for sustained success (or immediate)?

Yanks in the Ranks

AC Milan might be a mentally weak team and the issue is greatly exacerbated when Pulisic is not in the lineup. Yunus Musah does not look to be part of the problem, but losing to a team like Udinese for their first win in any competition is not a good look for a team that should look to win the league rather than struggling with bottom ten fodder. Krunic looked badly out of form and not up for the task while the team eagerly awaits Bennacer’s full recovery and availability.

If the officiating is going to be terrible can we at least make it reasonably consistent?

The first Forest goal cements VAR’s current (lack of) reliability in the EPL. The Forest player was easily within a couple of feet of the ball, even if their offsides would not have realistically impacted the goalie’s ability to attempt a save that would not happen, regardless. I don’t see the issue with the Newcastle goal, but it seems like sometimes the interpretation is that replay evidence needs to be beyond doubt, and others it’s just the best guess the VAR official can come up within 1 to 20 minutes.

Listen to the Yanks Podcast for Game Specific Commentary

We had some heated debates over the games this week, as resident Spurs fan Luke was forced to watch an embarrassing display of discipline at the Spurs toilet bowl (or whatever their stadium is called). Catch up on all the fun at the Football Yanks Podcast!

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