International Break and EPL Week 9

Another Break

Apparently there’s a shared dislike for international breaks among us, preferring club soccer and finding the breaks disruptive to the season’s flow. The high number of injuries that occur during these breaks because of the demanding schedule and lack of recovery time for players highlights this. We need to question whether there should be more time for recovery and evaluation after the season before international matches take place. Seems like in particular there’s an opportunity to change the European qualifying processes to improve the quality and entertainment value. There’s also the realistic possibility of key players managing their game count to prevent injuries, drawing a parallel to the NBA’s approach to player management.

We’re talking about this again?

Manchester United is facing further turmoil (we know) as reports suggest a potential staff walkout because of the club’s handling of embattled players Mason Greenwood and Anthony Martial in contrast to the treatment of Jadon Sancho (the one player on the team not accused of sexual assault). The non-coaching staff have threatened to walk out, and a tense closed-door meeting took place between the coaching staff and the broader support staff. The situation highlights the discontent within the club and raises questions about the leadership (or complete absence of) of manager Eric Ten Hag. In a related development, they have revealed that Manchester United plans to reintegrate Mason Greenwood into the first team. This decision has sparked debate among fans and pundits, with some questioning the club’s priorities and others applauding their commitment to developing young talent.

Tottenham Get it Done

Son continues his hot form, on an admittedly class assist from Richarlison of all people. In fact Richarlison contributed quite a bit in the final 3rd playing from out wide on the left, something to certainly keep an eye on moving forward as Tottenham looks to step out of imposter syndrome and ride their streak at the top of the EPL Standings. Postecoglou now has the most points through first 9 matches in Prem history.

Who would have thought?...

… that it would be Harry Mcguire and Andre (Iwanaplaystriker) Onana that would rescue the rest of the sad sack bunch of assholes from the depths of defeat in their Champions league bout with Copenhagen. A game United had no business winning in the absence of brilliance from their two main pariahs.

Meme of the Week

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