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EPL Matchday 15 and 16

Another Gutless Performance from the Gunners Given an annual payroll advantage of 193M€ to 27M€, one might expect over 2 shots on target in 90+

International Break USMNT Rundown

Pulisic faced another in the endless parade of injury setbacks, exiting the Champions League victory with a recurrence of his hamstring issues. Still, he is

International Break and EPL Week 9

Another Break Apparently there’s a shared dislike for international breaks among us, preferring club soccer and finding the breaks disruptive to the season’s flow. The

EPL Week 8: Arteta’s Revenge

Week 8 provided no shortage of drama and storylines. The Football Yanks are here to get you all caught up! Premier League Roundup Ryan is

EPL Week 7 Is Here

Kicking things off right with an utterly contextless graphic to illustrate who knows what: Stop Aston Villa; Brighton Has a Family In a surprising turn


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